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Fair housing refers to free and equal access to residential housing – renters, homebuyers and people seeking housing are free to choose the housing that is best for them. According to the federal Fair Housing Act, it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, familial status, handicap, age, ancestry and use of guide or support animals because of the blindness, deafness or physical handicap of the user or because the user is a handler or trainer of support or guide animals.


Analysis of Impediments                 

Know your rights under federal laws regarding discrimination. Impediments are discriminatory actions taken which restrict one's access to housing.

Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice:

Laws & Rights          

Learn more about federal and state Fair Housing laws

affordable housing option         

According to HUD, households paying in excess of 30% of their household income towards housing costs (renter or owner) are said to be cost burdened. Know what assistance programs are out there for housing affordability, temporary shelter, and utilities. 

Bias & Discrimination

Criminal acts and discrimination based on race, color, religion or national origin, or low income could limit access to Fair Housing.

Financial Literacy 

Financial aid resources and counseling programs:

Lack of access to opportunities

Persons with disabilities have a right to request reasonable accommodations. 

Filing a complaint

Housing quality

Home repairs and maintenance assistance programs to improve health and safety. Did you know it is illegal to retaliate against a person for filling a discriminatory complaint? Know your Tenant Rights through the pandemic.

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