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New Kensington working to resurface road through Memorial Park

BRIAN C. RITTMEYER|Friday, August 7, 2020 12:01 a.m.

New Kensington plans to use nearly $75,000 in grant money to pay for resurfacing the bumpy and broken road in Memorial Park.

The work could be done before the end of the year, said Sarah Snider, executive director of the city’s Redevelopment Authority, which manages grant funding for the city.

City council recently approved using the money to improve the road leading into and through the park. The money is federal funding that is coming to the city through the state.

The existing road is in poor condition, Snider said.

“Some sections are better than others,” she said. “There are definitely potholes as you go through. Once that starts, it decays even more quickly. We want to get a handle on that and make it more accessible and nicer and improve the access.”

Snider said the city wants to resurface the entire length of the road, from the entrance to the park on Stevenson Boulevard (Route 366) back to its end at a parking lot.

“It will depend on how the bids come out if we have enough dollars to do the whole thing,” she said. “I hope we will.”

Snider said the city would like to have the work done before the end of this year, but said it will be up against the clock with asphalt plants closing and weather turning colder. If time runs out, the work would be done next year.

“The hope is the bids will come back and we will be able to get that done and into wonderful shape where people can enjoy getting into and through the park to access the many amenities that are there,” she said.

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