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The City of New Kensington is nestled in a valley at the edge of the Allegheny River.  At this water's edge, and through additional green spaces throughout the community undergoing redevelopment and revitalization, we are improving places and spaces throughout the City where the community can gather and experience the beauty of the city. 

JFK Playground is located on 4th Avenue across the street from City Hall. It replaces the playground that was attached to the old John F Kennedy Elementary School. This new playground, opened in early 2020, is dedicated to the memory of Tiffany Miller.  


Located at the corner of 5th Avenue and 8th Street, within the Corridor of Innovation, the Corner Courtyard, developed in 2017, is a peaceful place to sit and enjoy our beautiful city. This courtyard is built on the site of the historic Liberty Theatre right in Downtown New Kensington 

For more information about these and other green spaces throughout the City of New Kensington, please contact

Councilman Dante Cicconi

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